Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sick Picklet

My middling is sick. He woke up Monday with the sniffles. Tuesday he had the sniffles and a cough. He also slept most of the day and requested, bless his little heart, a peanut butter malt. Today he is feeling a bit better but has a sore throat and is still on the couch watching TV. He also requested another peanut butter malt in which I obliged. And added a banana in it for extra measure. I hope tomorrow he is feeling much better.

With Dill being sick we have a day around home. I have been working on laundry and doing some light cleaning. Mostly I have been cooking since homemade eggrolls and sweet and sour sauce were requested for lunch. Those take time but are so worth it.

Cool is supervising open gym tonight. We have a group of parkour guys coming into the gym to practice their trickery. They are amazing but very scary. Dill worked out with them last week and loved it. It's ok in the gym but he is NOT going downtown to use these new found skills on cement and brick buildings. Here is a video of what they do. It is pretty awesome!

Yet another boring full of fluff blog post but, as Gaga says, "Boring is sometimes good."
Guess I should go figure out supper and finish laundry.

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