Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday in Review

Another week of school. Another Monday.

Spending all day at Sokol has it's benefits and drawbacks. For instance, the kids have no distractions here what so ever. They can concentrate on their school work. Definite benefit. But then again, the kids have no distractions here what so ever. They have no trampoline, no dog to walk, no bike to ride. Definite draw back. Plus I have no where to lay down and take a nap.

Chip took a practice GED exam today. He spent most of the rest of the day doing an online GED course. I think he finished up the first section of the study course. After studying for the GED he worked on the Learn The News PDF we received in our email today. He also played poker for Jelly Bellys with his siblings, had lunch with grandma and grandpa and had gymnastics class.

The other two continued on with their course of study that we started last week. Today we started state studies for a new subject. The picklets will study one state a week in alphabetical order, starting with Alabama. As I type Dill and Sweet are studying the laptop attempting to draw a state map of Alabama. I am using the study I received when I signed up for The Homeschool Mom newsletter. It is detailed and will be intensive for a week study. I have always wanted to do a state study with them and am so happy we finally started one. To wrap the week, they will fill out a lapbook page for the state they are studying. We are going to use this one. I like the look of it and it is free. Win-win!

On top of eating lunch with grandma and grandpa, Dill played solitaire and around the clock while waiting for Sweet to finish her work and Sweet worked in the gym during the boys class for a while but found playing Poker for Jelly Bellys with Cool and Dill more interesting. All work was accomplished today except Sweet's science. She will finish it up in the morning.

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