Saturday, September 25, 2010

Learnin' Up the Kids-Dill

The second installment of Learnin' up the Kids is Dill.

Reading--Dill has been given a reading list of over 120 books to read. He has been told he may read them in any order but they have to be read this school year. Some books he will complete a lapbook or other project, some he will narrate and some he will just read. This shouldn't be a problem since he is never without a book.

Language Arts--He is using English 1 from PASS. There are computer projects for this text and so far he has liked it. He also has a word dictionary that he writes unknown words and their definitions in.

Math--I hate math. I hated math when I was in school and I hate math now that I homeschool the picklets. My husband loves math. We are so A and B it is funny. Anyway since he loves math, he insists I teach them math. Go figure. This year we are using Khan Academy. Not sure if I like it 100% but I like it enough that we will stick with it. We also substitute drills and worksheets as needed from Dads Worksheets. I also have Brainetics sitting here on my desk ready to be used. Look for a review of this in the near future.

Science--Dill is studying Earth and Space science using PASS. The first unit started with basic science rules and covered science lab tools. Each unit has worksheets and unit assessments.

Spelling--I love spelling. Cool hates spelling. It's that A-B thing again. Because he hates spelling and isn't any good at it he insists the picklets learn to spell. For that we use Spelling Power.

History--He is studying the History of the World, also using PASS. I am throwing in hands on projects to make it fun.

Geography--Mapping the World with Art. This was provided to me for the purpose of review from Ellen McHenry's Basement Workshop. You can find my review here.

State Studies--We belong to a 51 postcard exchange group. We are attempting to study one state a week. We are using the free state study provided by The Homeschool Mom.

Lapbooks--We always seem to have a lapbook or two going. Right now he is working on a Bakugan lapbook. There will be more added to the list as the year goes on.

Writing--We are using the Charlotte Mason approach to this. We have journals for each subject and several other journals that I will write about at a later date. We also have dictation and copywork scheduled once a week, writing prompts twice a week and a 20 minute free write once a week.

90 Minute Homeschool--This is something new I started this year. It is the picklets favorite day of the week. The way it basically works is they do 90 minutes of school in the morning. The 20 minute free write and no more than 10 minutes on each of the other subjects. I have folders for each subject and give them something different pertaining to that subject each week. After lunch and free time we have craft/art projects we work on. Scrapbooking is the favorite of all the picklets but I am working toward using that time for artist/music study and projects relating to those once per month.

Life Skills--Dill has all the responsibilities that we all have around the house. No one gets out of doing things that need to be done. Dill cooks, cleans, mows and holds her own around the house. Dill and Sweet also have a small business for odd jobs. Those jobs always pertain to life skills. He also gets up every morning at 4:30 to help deliver the papers.

Physical Fitness--This is an area that I feel Dill lacks in. He jumps on the trampoline, likes to walk around town and lifts weights in the garage. He also takes Tae Kwo Do twice a week and Parkour lessons once a week. I guess that isn't really too inactive once I actually look at it.

Service--Dill volunteers his time every chance he gets. He lends a hand wherever possible. He takes the garbage and recycling out for an elderly lady down the street from us. He also takes it upon himself to volunteer at the church when they need it.

This is quite a bit like Sweet's list. I find that using the same curriculum at different levels and paces works quite well for us.

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