Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sound Experiments

We had a meeting with our Supervising Teacher last week. She brought sound experiments with her.

The picklets made a mouth harp using a Popsicle stick. They found as they moved the stick side to side and further in the mouth it made different sounds and felt different in their mouths.
A wire hanger with string attached to it made for another sound device. Put the ends of the string in your ears and hit the hanger against different items. The pitch changes with different objects.
This was one of their favorite experiments. Tape a string on a ping pong ball and hold it still. Take a tuning fork, hit it against something and then touch the ball with it. The vibration moves the ball. It is pretty fun.

Another favorite also included the tuning fork and a glass of water. In this video Chip showed how the vibration moved the water. You can also hear the vibration when he hits the fork on the edge of the glass.

They made ukuleles with a rubber band, ruler and pencil. Put a rubber band around the ruler lengthwise, insert a pencil under the band and pluck. As you move the pencil back and forth the pitch changes.
Chip experimented with different designs.
I can't tell you how much the picklets enjoyed these experiments. I definitely need to get a tuning fork. I think their favorite part of the day included the ping pong ball and and their clipboards. Paddle ball anyone?

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