Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Happy Diabetic

My mom and I had the chance to go to a cooking demonstration by The Happy Diabetic. This wasn't a pleasure class. Cool was diagnosed with diabetes several years ago and my mom was diagnosed just a month or so ago. Anything I can do to cook good for us foods that are low carb works for me and any help I can get I will take.

The Happy Diabetic is actually a guy named Robert, who currently lives in Iowa and was diagnosed with diabetes about 12 years ago. He has since embraced (if you can) his diabetes and learned to cook the diabetic way. The great thing about his recipes is they taste great and everyone will want to eat them.

I, of course, forgot my camera at home. This shot was snapped on The Happy Diabetic Wife's I-phone. She was kind enough to send it to me. Thank you Mrs. Happy Diabetic!

Regardless of the fact that he had a cold and the beginning of laryngitis, he was funny to listen to, made and served a couple of yummy dishes and really showed people how easy it is to cook healthy. He had two cookbooks for sale, which my mom bought, and I totally plan on making something yummy soon.

The Happy Diabetic has some recipes available on his website. Take a looksy. :-)

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