Monday, November 22, 2010


NCIS is "da bomb" in the picklebarrel. We all have our favorite Abby-isms, Tony-isms, McGee-isms, Zeva-isms and Gibbs-isms. Not a day goes by when one of the picklets or another doesn't "Gibbs" another one. If there is a marathon on, they are one with the TV. It is a bit of an obsession but seemingly harmless all-in-all.

There are episodes we love and episodes we hate, as with all television shows. One favorite episode we all love is where Abby and McGee showed their love for The Elements Song.

It sparked an interest in learning more about the elements. My youtube search yielded some fun, yet educational, videos that the picklets all enjoy.

Learning the history of the Periodic Table was fun and informational thru these two videos.

Professor Fozzlewozzlemuff entertained us in The Elements: an animation.

Chip believes he is way too old to enjoy the "cartoony" fun videos. It is the, "I'm too cool for fun." phase. So, I located The Periodic Table of Rock. It was a winner.

I even found this little video of this teen boy singing an elements song. Chip wasn't too impressed but, W.E.!

These little beauty has been floating around and has sparked yet another renewed interest in the elements. The picklets, all of them, even the too cool teenage boy, wants to learn the song. Let's hear it for Daniel Radcliffe!

~Happy Trails...

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