Tuesday, November 23, 2010

YouTube Math

Some of our favorite math YouTubes.

The picklets learned the Greek Alphabet in 10 minutes with this video. They recited the alphabet to everyone they saw after learning it.

Learning Pi--we celebrated Pi Day last year. The picklet could recite quite a few digits of Pi after that day.

This is exactly how the picklets learned their Roman Numerals. When I went to see Heywood Banks in concert I told him. He patted me on the back and said, "I am truly sorry for your children." That was NOT a reference to homeschooling but to the fact that I exposed the children to him. It was quite funny.

Inches, Feet, Miles--Once again something educational from Heywood.

Seasons of Love--Love this song. Everyone needs to know how many minutes there are in a year.

Archimedes--This is a very well put together song and you learn quite a bit.

Say That Funky Number, Math Guy. Al G Bra is HILARIOUS! He gets into his math and it makes us laugh and laugh!

Mathonna The Mathematical Girl--another one from Al G Bra. If you like Madonna, you will like this.

The Rappin' Mathametitian: The Number Line Dance teaches all about the number line.

The Rappin' Mathemetitian So Many Lines...talks about different lines. It is great!

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