Saturday, December 11, 2010

Countdown to Christmas: Day 11

Cool went to the emergency room last night. He has been getting a pain in his chest that would go all the way up to his nose on and off for a while now. Friday, while working his second job, he got the pain again except it was worse than before. He sat in the emergency room parking lot for a few minutes and when it became unbearable, he went in. He was in a room within 30 seconds, he said. While people worked on him I sat at home, my mind playing different scenarios. Through a series of tests they told him it was not caused by his heart. Yeah! They finally concluded acid reflux. I am not so sure. He had the pain again today three different times that had him on the floor moaning because it hurt him so bad.

To make things worse, I had to get him up and drag him into Sokol today. Sweet had practice at her new gym starting at 8. I had to be at Sokol before 9 to turn furnaces on for Parents Day Out. One of the coaches had the idea that we should offer to watch the gymnasts for 4 hours (for a fee) so parents can go Christmas shopping. Cool didn't want to go but we had made the commitment so he went.

We got to the gym, with Chip in tow since he is also a coach, turned the furnaces on and waited. No one showed up. Not even the coaches who signed up to come. I called the coach who thought the idea up and she said she wasn't going to venture out because she didn't want to get caught up when the weather turned bad. Hmmm. We left Sokol at 11:15, stopped at the grocery store, picked Sweet up and went home.

Cool and I went to bed at 1 and woke up after dark. We ate a nutritious supper of corn dogs and sweet potato fries.

The picklets entertained themselves by watching movies we rented and brought home. And that was Day 11.

Happy Trails~~~

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Joi said...

Oh my goodness! I am glad that he is ok. (((hugs))) Shame on those no shows..