Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Day in Our Life

It's time for another segment of "A Day in the Life of the Pickle Family". I don't know how interesting it will be but we'll see.

3:43- I got up after hitting the snooze button 1 time too many. I stumbled out to the kitchen, stopping to turn the light on in Sweet's room, and realized I didn't put the dishes away last night. They were stacked, all nice and clean, on a kitchen towel....right in front of the coffee pot. UGH! I managed to moved enough clean dishes around to situate the coffee pot on level enough ground that I could brew a pot. I sat down to check my email. The first one I saw was that the Decorah Eagles laid their first egg! Exciting as we follow these eagles closely. I clicked to the site and sure enough there was an eagle sleeping in the nest. This is the first I have seen of the eagles this year. Each time I turned it on the nest was empty. I went to the you-tube channel and watched the 12 minutes of the egg being laid. I would have to say it was pretty boring until I actually saw the egg. But then I clicked onto another video of the eagles and a squirrel and found that pretty interesting. I looked at the clock and saw that it was 4:19. Time to get Sweet moving for paper delivery. Gracie the Meek was laying on Sweet's bed with her head resting on Sweet's back. I hated to disturb her but papers must be delivered or else we don't get paid. Sweet didn't want to get up too bad. She was quite cranky but finally got moving. I got on my shoes, switched loads of laundry, drank a cup of coffee and we were ready to go.

It is a nice morning. About 30 degrees. There is a slight breeze that makes it seem colder but in all it is quite nice. We started the car, bagged a few papers and we were off. I deliver on the drivers side and Sweet on the passenger side. It breaks it up quite fairly and gets me some morning exercise. I usually don't mind but this morning I bumped my knee on the steering wheel and it still smarts.

5:45-We just got home from paper delivery. I saw the dryer still has 13 or so minutes so I poured myself a cup of coffee, turned on the eagle cam and started to write. I should be up getting things ready to go but the coffee is good and the eagle cam is even better. The eagle just started squawking so I clicked over and saw the eagle take flight. The egg was sitting there and the other eagle landed on the nest. Nature is amazing and such a good learning tool. I called Sweet who came running. She asked if they were the same eagles from last year and I told her yes. I made a mental note to find the PBS show on eagles. A refresher course wouldn't hurt. OK, coffee is done and I need to get the boys (all three of them) up and moving or we won't get to town on time this morning.

EDIT 3-16-11: Bummer, I didn't get too far with this. Maybe next time.

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