Saturday, February 12, 2011

She's Been Concussed

I didn't really think that was a real word until I looked it up.
con·cussed, To injure by concussion
That would be my Sweet. Injured by concussion.

Wednesday night she was running in the gym. As she was running, a loose carpet tile slipped on the concrete and there she was...flying. Over the chains that steady the uneven bars, and BAM direct contact with her head on the floor. The cement floor. Not knocked out but dazed to the point she doesn't remember anything but running and then seeing me, screaming her head hurts and her leg is numb. Gracious Day!

We watched her closely all night. Woke her up several times. Let her watch TV to her hearts content, trying to keep her awake. The next day her head still hurt but she was hungry and eating. Cool went to work as usual and told his co-workers. You know, people love to tell horror stories. I know they were just trying to help but Cool called me at 9:00, almost frantic, and insisted I take Sweet to the ER. Do not pass GO. Do not collect $200.

So there we were. In the ER. It is amazing how fast they "process" you when a child has a head injury and can't remember the event. Within 10 minutes (and that is a high estimate of the time it took) we were in a room. The Dr. was in there within the next 5 minutes. I was amazed. I didn't even have time to turn the TV in the room on. It was a nice flat screen hanging right on the wall with a ton of channels according to the cable guide.

The Dr., through a series of questions and answers determined Sweet "probably" did not require a cat scan at this time. \o/ It had been over 12 hours since the "incident", as he called it. He also said he felt we had done everything right from icing the bump to waking her through the night to bringing her in even if it was only to ease our minds. Whew!

That being said, he did say he thought she had a mild concussion and definitely some brain trauma but he strongly felt nothing of alarm would be found in a CT and that taking it easy for a few days was in order.

So, she has been off gymnastics for the last couple days. She is starting to go a bit stir crazy. But, she is LOVING the attention. She is still wearing her hospital bracelet and the nurse let her keep the blanket they covered her up with since she was shivering. Her new favorite word is concussed and she uses it every chance she gets.

Yes, she is milking it for all it's worth. But the way we look at it is we dodged a bullet and a little milk is in order.

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