Saturday, April 16, 2011


Back on March 22nd I posted about an article I read about the citizenship exam.  Cool, the picklets, my parents, Cool's mom and I all took practice citizenship exams to see how we would do.  This was an interesting exercise,  We all did very well.  In fact it surprised us all.  If I hadn't mixed up the western and eastern parts of the US I would have done much better.  Nothing like putting the oceans on the wrong side of the

What I did was print the questions from here and here.  I cancelled out the repeats and voila, our own citizenship test.  I emailed the "tests" to my parents and Cool's mom.  They took the tests and sent them back.  They missed about 10 as a collective.  Here at the picklebarrel we had an oral question and answer session where we took turns asking the questions and the rest of us blurted out the answers.  It was fun!  We did very well too missing 16 as a collective body. 

We then all took the civic quiz on this site.  This was easier because they were multiple choice.

Since we didn't really know what a passing score was we did some research on the exam itself.
  • You must read one sentence out of three sentences correctly in English
  • You must write one sentence out of three sentences correctly in English
  • You must answer 6 out of 10 civics questions correctly to achieve a passing score
  • Your ability to speak English is determined during your interview on your naturalization application
  • The Oath of Allegiance must also be recited and be told means in your own words
So, we studied up on our American History, learned what it takes to become a naturalized citizen and to end our little mini unit I used the Oath of Allegiance as copywork.  Voila!  American history done for another day!


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