Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

I found this while cleaning out some old boxes. It was an Easter card I gave Cool many eons ago. I'm guessing early 90's.

Origin of the Easter Egg Hunt

This Easter egg I carry well
that's wrapped in lace and bow

But there's a tale that I must tell
of Easter long ago

When bunnies had their travel stopped
by one larger burdened egg

Thru rugged hills and streams they hopped
sometimes just on one leg!

But on they trekked thru hill and dale
with eggs upon their back

They tried their best to never fail
to always keep on track

But there were days when bunnies felt
defeated by the strain

And all their precious eggs would melt
like chocolate in the rain

But when one made it up the hill
with Easter in his heart

The kids would all get such a thrill
to know the hunt would start

So close your eyes, these eggs I'll hide
And now you know the reason

Why Easter bunnies take such pride
In this, the egg hunt season


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