Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Monday

Hope everyone had a great Easter!  We had a day filled with friends, family and lots of love.  Can't beat that.  My God-daughter was confirmed yesterday morning.  It was a beautiful sunrise service.  She had me in tears when she mouthed "I love you." to me while she stood in the front of the church.  I do love that girl!

After the second church service we headed to my aunts house for dinner.  We spent a lovely afternoon with Gaga and ate way too much!  Shark surprised Chip with a birthday cake with a tank on it.  Everyone knows how he likes CAP.  While cutting the cake Chip realized the tank was actually a transformer.  Everyone had fun taking turns playing with it.

Tomorrow is Chip's 17th birthday.  Since tomorrow is a very busy day for us we have cancelled all activities for today and are celebrating instead.  Omelets for breakfast, nachos for dinner and beef stew for supper.  His requests are reasonable and easy to fulfill...except for the iPad he requested.  He isn't getting that...sorry babe!  Guess I shouldn't call my 17 year old son babe anymore...sorry bud!  I will give you the day off school tomorrow instead.  I am reasonable after all.

Better get going...gonna be a busy day.  I have yogurt in the crock pot and need to get cracking on the beef stew and strawberry cake and laundry and dusting and every other thing I can possibly fit into a day at home! 

Wishing you a great Monday.

Happy trails~~~

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