Monday, April 4, 2011


I have started this post 4 times now. I have absolutely nothing to say. We haven't done anything interesting. Nothing scholastic. Nothing fun. Nothing worth mentioning. We have just been living a normal life. And normal is gooooood!

Yesterday the temperature soared to about 80 degrees! Heavenly! We opened our windows and "hopefully" got some of the winter stink out of the house. Goodness knows we needed a little nice weather pick me up. This morning it is really windy though. :-/

We have spent the weekend watching the pair of Iowa Eagles in Decorah.

This is our second year watching them. They just amaze us. While we were watching yesterday we saw the second eaglet hatch (or what we think was the second eaglet hatching).
That was pretty cool.

Later in the day the second eagle flew up and dropped a dead bird, left and came back 3 seconds later with a dead fish. AWESOME!

But my favorite part of the day was when they let the first little one out of the bowl for a while. The mama kept a close eye on her eaglet. When the wind came up she spread her wings to protect it and then took her beak and rolled it back into the nest.

The eaglets are cute as a button and we can't wait to watch their development.

If, by chance, you haven't heard of the Decorah Eagles, check them out! They are terrific living science. (on a side note, I can't believe the boom in traffic on the site....I hear they have even been on the national news! I sent the link out to all my contacts when the first egg was laid. Not one person responded. Now I keep getting emails from those same people telling me so and so sent them this great site and I should check it out. Stop 'noring my emails feelings are hurtin' so. LOL..just pulling yer leg this find Monday morning!)

Today Sweet has an appointment to get braids in her hair for the gymnastics competition this weekend. We are taking a mini vacation so we can enjoy the time away. Gotta pack, clean the car and be ready to leave Thursday morning. We are trying to find economical field trips on the way to Nebraska. On the way back I hope to stop at the Air Museum. Something that will tie in with Civil Air Patrol.

I like normal. It is good. Happy Monday!

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