Monday, April 11, 2011

Back from Vacation...early

We are back from a much needed, way too short vacation. We headed out Thursday and spent the night in Des Moines. We relaxed, went on a couple field trips and enjoyed some great family time. I will post pictures later. Friday afternoon we went to Omaha. Chip and Sweet had a gymnastics competition Saturday morning and we wanted plenty of time to rest before the big event. We walked around the Old Market Area, used the hot tub and ate the best philly cheese steak sandwich. Saturday morning we headed to Sokol for the competition. It was a fun, hectic day seeing many old and new faces and catching up. Watching the kids was the highlight of our day of course! After the competition we went back to the hotel, let the kids swim and relaxed until we had to go to the dance. We headed to the dance about 5ish and hung out for about an hour. By that time we were famished and headed to eat. Fried chicken...yum! Sunday we decided to go back to Des Moines for a couple more days. There is so much history in our state capital that we wanted to see. That was until we checked out from the hotel in Omaha. It seems that they not only charged us once, but THREE times! THREE! We pre-paid for the room because it was a special rate. We thought it was all taken care of. But when we checked out they gave us a bill for more than double what we paid the first time. Then when we checked the account online we found they charged the account double the second amount. We were completely out of money and had to go home. Have you ever had to tell your kids you couldn't afford to continue your vacation? It sucks. I promised the kids we would go to Olive Garden during our vacation and had to rescind on that too. We were lucky we made it home. The front desk manager said the money was refunded to our account but as of this minute it still hasn't shown. We have called the hotel, left a message and still haven't heard from them! Outraged is a mild word at this point! We definitely didn't expect this from a high class hotel. Anyway, Sweet gets to go to gymnastics today because we are home. We are having steak, potatoes and roasted broccoli and purple cauliflower for supper. So, life ain't all bad. We are home, safe and sound, eating a great meal and putting up the trampoline. :-)

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