Saturday, June 11, 2011

Planning Ahead

It's been a long time since I have blogged.  It just seems nothing interesting is going on...and if it isn't interesting to me it surely isn't going to be interesting to anyone else.  =D

This next week is going to be pretty busy.  Tonight Sweet is helping to supervise a lock-in at Sokol.  There are 13 young gymnasts signed up.  One of our coaches planned the whole night out with games and movies.  Cool took our popcorn popper in, bought some great bowls and soda for the event.  Chip downloaded a bunch of group dance songs for the kiddos to learn.  It should be a fun night for all involved.  Thank goodness it isn't me.  I am NOT a night person.  I am usually sound asleep by 10...I can't imagine staying up all night supervising.  But Sweet is psyched about it!

Tomorrow she leaves for a week long gymnastics camp at the University of Iowa.  She is on the front page of the women's gymnastics camp page with head coach Larissa Libby.  Pay no attention to the bent arms and legs.  ;-)

Pretty sweet!  She is packed and is so excited about it.  She saved and payed for it herself so it means a lot to her. She gets to stay in the dorms, eat in the cafeteria and have gymnastics for 8 hours a day.   I know she will work hard and gain a ton of experience from it.  I'm gonna miss her though.
Chip is going to a week long drum camp at a local college this week.  He will learn how to play the drums, have choreography lessons and have an experience of a lifetime with Sheltered Reality.  He loves music so this should be right up his alley.  This group sends quite a message and, I think, will be a great benefit to his character education.  I can't wait until the end of the week so we can hear what he has learned. I know he will be tap, tap, tapping all week.   

Dill is participating in a teen library program Tuesday Where he will watch and review Kiddy Grade:  Pieces of the Past.  It is an Anime movie so of course he is excited about it.  I don't think this will do much for his character education but maybe his artistic side will benefit.  :-/  He also has Tae Kwon Do and Hopkido practice. 

To get ready for our busy week I have done some cooking ahead.  I boiled and peeled a dozen eggs, made 36 banana nut muffins, peeled and cut 10 pounds of carrots, cooked up two pounds of taco meat, have refried beans in the crockpot and made two batches of brown rice and froze.  That will give me a step ahead come Monday.  :)

Hope your summer is as fun as ours.

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