Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Spaghetti Tacos, part 2

The picklets like iCarly.  Carly, Sam, Spencer, Freddy, Gibby and Guppy....the picklets all find a piece of common ground.  That would be spaghetti tacos.  Back in '09, Chip made spaghetti tacos for us.  I reluctantly tried them and found they were pretty darned good.  They were a novelty and I thought they would pass.

I found out nothing passes quickly where there is a popular teen show on...lol.  One night last month I told Sweet I would like her to cook supper for us.  After a long thought process she decided to make spaghetti tacos.  Laughing, I let her have at it. 
The tacos were delicious with the shell adding a delightful crunch you wouldn't normally get while eating spaghetti. 

Though the tacos were good, I have to admit I am a garlic bread fanatic.  So I invented my own little sandwich. 
At spaghetti hot dog!  Now that is good eating!

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