Monday, September 5, 2011

Experimental Outside Cooking

We had a hot streak that lasted about a month this summer.  It was humid and in the 90's everyday.  There was no rain to speak of.  The thermometer would show the temperature being in the 80's at 3 am each morning.  It was hot.  It was miserable.  But it gave Sweet the reason to do some outside "cooking".

Car cookies were a given.  She made dough and put some in the back window of the car with a thermometer.

She checked it each hour to see how hot the car was.  Oven like is what we were hoping for.

It was looking good and then...

The thermometer broke.  There were little pieces of glass and red liquid on our cookies.  UGH! 
Sweet also decided to see if she could bake an egg in the back window.

And why not try to cook an egg on the sidewalk and make some toast too?

The cookies turned out good enough to eat with the exception that a thermometer exploded all over them leaving remnants of glass and red liquid as a topping. We did break them open to see their gooeyness.

The other results have been put on video because a still picture didn't do it justice.

This is the baked egg from the back window of the car.

This is the egg that was cooked on the sidewalk.

We found it interesting that the white didn't turn white. It just sort of dried up.

Here is the toast.

What you didn't see in the video is that Sweet spit out her bite after I turned the camera off. She said it was horrible. It sounded like toast but that is as far as it went.

It was a good day of experimenting even though the final products were not what we had wanted. The left over cookie dough in the fridge was just the thing she needed to end of the day!

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Just Jen said...

That is so cool!!!
~Jen B

Joi said...

This is a great idea! I wish I had thought of that in the heat wave. Have you ever tried to cook anything on the car engine?

Gerky said...

Never anything on a car engine but you know what they say...never say never. :-D