Thursday, September 18, 2014

"It's a great day. We saw Reuben Bob, my song was on and I got my license. Life is good indeed."

Ah, they grow up so fast.  It seems like just yesterday Dill was driving his Power Wheels Motorcycle through the yard and BAM! now he has his drivers license.  Yes, time does fly.

We don't do drivers ed.  There are a couple of different reasons...1) we didn't want to take it through the school system and 2) we offered to pay half for Chip and he declined saying he would wait until he was 18, Dill did the same thing.

Dill turned 18 a month ago.  Trying to find a time to fit in a driving test in between all the running we have to do is difficult.  But yesterday WAS THE DAY!

He dressed in his suit pants, dress shirt , vest and morning coat.  We drove the 20 minutes to the License station and off he went.  The lady commented on how nice he looked and that she likes to see young men dress up.  Winning points!!

After checking lights, registration, they went.  Turn left, stop, pull in here, back out here, turn right, turn know the drill.  They were back in 15 minutes...smiles on both faces.

Yes!  He passed!  Her exact words, "He is a great driver.  He didn't make me feel nervous at all."  My exact words back, "Really?  He scares me."  Still makes me laugh to see her reaction.

After passing the test Dill drove us home on some of the back roads.

  It was  gorgeous day and there were a ton of Woolly Bears out.
 We pulled over and observed them.It is a time I will cherish as they were both so fascinated by them.
      It isn't like they haven't seen/caught woolly bears every year since they turned 2...but that is what makes it so special at 18 & 15.  (Sweet is in the middle of the road saving the lives of innocent woolly bears)

After a little school work we all went to town.  Dill spent some time at grandma and grandpa's house.  Later he went to help move asphalt (volunteer hours), participated in his parkour class and open gym.  Sweet had a short hour workout, coached for 2 hours and then joined in open work out with Dill.  It is a great group of kids...nice and mellow.  I love that one minute they are wild and crazy and the next they are sitting in a circle just talking.

Let me just say that my favorite quote of the day will make no sense to anyone but the three of us but I need to record it so I don't forget.  Dill, "It's a great day."  Me, "We saw Reuben Bob."  Sweet, "My song was on."  Dill, " And I got my license."  Me, "Life is good indeed."  Put all together,

"It's a great day.  We saw Reuben Bob, my song was on and I got my license.  Life is good indeed."

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