Sunday, September 21, 2014

Thursday, Friday, Saturday...what a blur!

We left home Thursday at 9:30 and got home at 9:30.  We left home Friday at 7:00 and got home 14 hours later at 9:00.  We left home Saturday at 6:15 and got home at 15 hours later at 9:00.  It is quite a blur!

Thursday Dill and Sweet were hired to wash mirrors at the gym.  It takes 2-3 hours, a bottle of Windex and rolls of paper towels to get all the chalk off and make sure it is smudge free.  The result is remarkable though.  The gym looks bigger, brighter and cleaner.

After they finished the mirrors we went to a local Mexican restaurant for lunch.  They changed their seafood nacho recipe and it isn't nearly as good.  Will probably pass that next time.  Our tummies were full and we were sleepy so we went to the park and listened to The Horse and His Boy.  We listen to books on cd in the van.  It is a great way for us to get great literature in and it is a great way to just relax without the phone ringing or the tv/computer distraction.  We have found that listening to our book while eating Chinese take-out is one of our favorite meals.  At 2:00 Sweet had practice so we headed to the gym.  Next thing we knew it was time to go home...time flies!

Friday morning was jam packed too!  Dill went to the gym to help with setting up for a meet.  I dropped him off at 7:45 and took Sweet to the acupuncturist.  She has had a headache for about a year and we are trying different treatments before putting her on daily medicine.  Our opinion is this:  antidepressant/psychotic medicine is NOT the answer for our daughter.  Sweet agrees.  She was scared silly going but quickly found  the Dr. is super nice and the acupuncture itself doesn't hurt.  The Dr. said it could take 3-5 treatments to see if it works.  This story about acupuncture on Tiki the giraffe tells how acupuncture is a great alternative to western medicine.

After her treatment I took her to the gym to help with set up and took off.  My mom and I were going to get pedicures but ended up not.  I went to Wal-Mart and got gas for our grill, ran home and let Cassie out and went back to town.  After getting the gym ready for the meet it was 8:00.  We stopped through the Taco John's drive through and scarfed down out take out on the way home.  We were home and in bed by 9:15.

Saturday morning the kids had to be at the gym by 7:00.  We dropped them off and went on our way.  Cool and I had a day of fun planned.  We built plyo-boxes for his parkour program.  We took Cassie with us. She had a great time running in the big playground.  After a LONG day of measuring, gluing, nailing, cutting and moving wood, we finally got home at 9.  After cleaning up, eating a salad and saying we should go to bed about 10 times we finally hit the hay.  I don't think I moved all

The kids spent the night at their Grandmas so I woke up at 6:00 when my alarm went off to call them so they could get to the gym on time.  Think I could go back to sleep?  Not a prayer.  So I shut the bedroom and started laundry and cooking for the week.  Pork chops; cooked and in the freezer.  Chicken breast; roasted and ready to be cut up for our homemade protein box.  Hamburgers; seasoned, made into patties and ready to be grilled tomorrow (with no bacon but with pepper jack cheese).  Ribs; BBQ'd and in the oven on low for lunch.

Off to have a cup of joe with the hubs!  Have a great day!

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