Wednesday, October 1, 2014

What Story Does a Tree Tell

Learning about trees during the spring and fall is second nature around here.  Our trees are tall and old.  They creek and can be eerie at times.  They have lived more years than any of us.  Just think about the stories they could tell, the things they have witnessed, the people they have seen, the scandals, the happiness.  Today we are listening to the trees through piano.

The short two minute video below shows how Bartholomäus Traubeck used a modified record player and computer to translate the rings of trees into music.  Totally amazing.

Traubeck has an album called Years you can purchase or you can listen to the tracks on line.  Click the following links to listen to the different trees.

Spruce Tree  Ash Tree  Oak Tree  Maple Tree  Alder Tree  Walnut Tree  Beech Tree

Now, close your eyes and listen, really listen.  The sadness, the loneliness, the joy, unexpected exhilaration, the empathy.

Enjoy the stories.

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