Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Those Days

Every once in a while I miss those days.  You know what days I am talking about.

Those days when the Picklets were little and school was fun. Laying in the hammock together reading aloud.  Sitting in the tree house together giggling during quiet time.  Water guns, water balloons, Pokemon, American Girls.

Those days where every little thing they learned they loved.   Magic School Bus, Bill Nye the Science Guy, nature studies, watching Seventh Heaven to start our day.

Those days where they wanted to help clean the house.  The cleanie meanie got her posse together clothed in bandannas and got busy.

Those days where they loved to play together.  Making up games that made no sense to anyone but them.  Their imaginations ran wild!

Those days when they laughed all day long.  At nothing but the love and fun in their hearts.

Those days I thought were so difficult.  Pulling my hair out and for what?

Those days that really weren't difficult.

Those days I miss.

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