Tuesday, April 22, 2008

TV Free Day 1

Oh man, I messed up! First thing I turned the TV on to watch Good Morning America. I will just crack it up to being in a fog...lol. I turned it off about 15 minutes later when I realized what day it was.

We did nothing special. DH was working from home, I had to get the dogs from the dog sitter and I got groceries. C came with me. While we were gone we had to stop in the middle of road to take pictures of a deer skeleton. C thought it was cool. LOL

The boys did some school work while I was gone and C did some when we returned home.

In the afternoon DH and J raked and laid down grass seed. V and C went to the park to play until the street lights came on.

For supper we all cleaned out the fridge. We ate at different times, coming and going. No eating together at the table. :(

DH built a camp fire to sit around but by the time everyone got home and ate, it was bed time. No campfire either.

On the bright side, I did clean the kitchen and pick up the living room. We played with the kittens quite a bit and DH and I sat on the front stoop and talked. It was a beautiful day and was perfect for doing what we wanted instead of being cooped up doing what someone else wanted. :)

So, that was our first day TV free. It wasn't what I wanted, but it was perfect. :)

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Summer Fae said...

Sounds like a blast :)