Monday, April 28, 2008

TV Free Day 7 and a Look Back

The kids had ensemble practice today and spent the majority of the day in town. J took his cake in to share with his friends. What they brought home was just enough for DH and I to have one piece each and the kidlets to have 1 piece after dinner.

DH and J continued to work on the camper while I continued to wash all the camper linens. We cannot wait for the first weekend in May, our very first camping trip of the year. We are counting the days!!!

We decided to end TV free week today. The kids wanted to sleep in the camper so DH set the TV and VCR up for them. They love sleeping in the camper during the summer. They spend more time out there than they do in the house. Unfortunately, our weather hasn't stayed in it's springtime mode and it was freezing! They came in by

I am so glad we decided to participate in TV Free Week. We had a lot of fun and taught the kids the importance of making a decision and sticking with it. Though we did not accomplish all our goals, we did reach a few of them. The greatest being family meals at the table. I have missed the chitter-chatter than goes with that. The most important thing that happened during this week is we found we can go TV free and still function. It was hard at times but so worth it.

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