Friday, May 23, 2008

Journey North

We are so excited! We participated in Journey North this past season and we received three butterflies back! The kids are so excited.

They received three butterflies two that originated from Illinois and one from Tennesee. Also included in the package was a letter from a teacher and a student in Mexico...but they are written all in Spanish. Luckily I live two doors down from a Spanish teacher, I am hoping she will help me decipher it.

This is a great hands on way to experience the migration system and learn something about different cultures. We totally plan to participate again next year.
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School for Us said...

I've been meaning to do this the past 2 years, but we never get around to it. Glad yours turned out so well! Hopefully, we'll join you next time.

Freakmom said...

I just bookmarked that one too. Neat!

Danielle said...

I just registered to this site..I think B would love many of the activities and we will be doing symbolic migration next year!~