Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sokol 4 Weeks Later

I mentioned a while back Sokol, the gym where our kids take gymnastics, was flooded out. After doing some initial cleanup, the project was hired out to professionals. They removed the objects we didn't, removed the mold, drywall, and wood that was touched. They also sprayed Serum1000 to remove the harmful bacterias that collected on the structure still left.

Yesterday we visited to see the progress. It is just a shell of a building.

Our gym.

Our clubroom.

One of our hired hand. Notice the full hazmat.

What happens next is anyones guess. Summer gymnastics have been cancelled. Fall gymnastics are looking bleak.

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Steph said...

Wow ... that is going to be a daunting job. :-(

School for Us said...

It looks like an amazing amount of work, though I know you must be happy that they are working on it. What a tough time in your area.