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August 18-23

In addition to the workbooks the picklets have done both individual and group learning. Learning lists below slideshow.

On Monday our group activities included:

  • watched National Parks: When Dinosaurs Roamed America's National Parks
  • watched Ancient Civilizations: On the Town
  • watched China: An introduction to elements of culture in ancient China
  • watched Civilizations: Fall of Power
  • watched Ancient Chinese Walls
  • practiced Spanish
  • filled out day 1 on 100 day chain

The boys also practiced their multiplication skills by filling in this multiplication chart.

On Tuesday our group activities were:

  • watched Magic School Bus: The Busasaurus
  • watched Time Warp Trio: Wushu Were Here
  • practiced Spanish
  • filled out day 2 on 100 day chain

Dill learned that there are 300 different types of corn in the world today. The learning suggestion was to find a corn recipe and prepare it for your family. He choose to make kettle corn. After parusing several recipes he chose this one. I think it was a great choice...the instructions called for saftely glasses and hot pads. Safety first! Of course we couldn't find the safety glasses so swim goggles made do. (Our head nod to Michael Phelps!)

On Wednesday our group activites included:

  • I read aloud The Book of Time Outs A Mostly True History of the World’sBiggest Troublemakers by Deb Lucke
  • watched Liberty's Kids: The New Frontier
  • Took turns reading The United Tweets of America by Hudson Talbott aloud
  • filled out day 3 on 100 day chain

Sweet finally learned to do a backflip ALL BY HERSELF! She also called grandma, put her on speakerphone and read the funny parts of The United Tweets of America to her. She also learned she cannot climb in back of my dresser and NOT get stuck.

Dill did a science experiment to decide what type of animal vision is better. Eyes on the side of the head or eyes on the front of the head. He decided both had their advantages and the vision an animal has is the kind it needs.

Loving to cook Dill jumped on the chance to make a chocolate zucchini cake. He even served us cake and frozen cool whip for dessert Wednesday night. He makes 1 mean cake.

Thursday didn't amount to much...maybe we were just tired.

  • filled out day 4 on 100 day chain
Sweet made zucchini pancakes for breakfast.

Chip made pasta for a side dish for supper. He made a wonderful, garden fresh pasta with olive oil. It was delish.

Sweet and I read Gymnastics Events by Jen Jones and All The World’s a Stage William Shakespeare by Michael Bender together.

After seeing the picture of Shawn Johnson doing a split jump on the balance beam, she decided to practice hers. She didn't do too bad considering she was in jean shorts and was standing in the kitchen!

Chip has sorta been off in his own 14 year old world. But he surprised me Thursday. While I was talking to Sweet about doing a lapbook on Little House in the Big Woods, Chip went running upstairs. He brought down the entire Little House Series and showed them to us. After looking through them he informed me he was going to start reading them. I hope my mouth didn't hang open too far when he You coulda heard a pin drop. So after pushing my chin up I asked him if he wanted to do the lapbook also. He was game. So, on his own, he has dedicated himself to an independent project. This is big on so many levels. He is using the lapbook study from homeschool share as an outline but is making his own minibooks int he process.

On Friday our learning consisted of:

  • I read Lady Liberty A Biography by Doreen Rappaport aloud
  • Labeled a picture of statue with dimensions
  • Put together a paper statue found at
  • watched The Statue of Liberty
  • watched Time Warp Trio: 2105
  • had an afternoon tea in which: I read Nature's Paintbox by Patricia Thomas aloud, listened to Classical Composters volume 1 Mozart, practiced our Spanish and filled out day 5 on 100 day chain

Chip played the Liberty's Kids computer game.

Dill and Sweet spent the night at their friends house.

On Saturday we went to the campground where my mom and dad were camping and had supper. Cool and the boys went to town to watch The Dark Knight. Sweet and I stayed at the campground. She made fossil plaques and petroglyphs using the directions in her Science book. After we got done cleaning up we sat around the campfire looking up at the sky. We found what we believe is a planet, the big dipper, ORyan's Belt, watched a satelite whiz through the sky as well as several airplanes.

That concludes our first week of school. It was full of learning, fun and love. Happy trails!

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