Tuesday, August 26, 2008

August 25, 2008

We got a late start today. None of us were up to the challenge of getting school work done, house work done and camping prep done. But we rose to the occasion and got some of it done at least.
It was a beautiful day out, much too nice to be couped up indoors. Sweet made use of the trampoline to do her school work.Mozart played in the background all day today. It wasn't being listened to all the time but I know the classical music playing really does help the day flow smoother.

As a group we started our day by eating bagels (found on the clearance rack at Wal-Mart) and honey walnut cream cheese while I read aloud. I read Red Butterfly by Deborah Noyes. It was a story about how a princess smuggled the secret of silk out of China. Though definitely for younger kids, the authors note in the back explained the history of silk and told that giving up the secret of silk was punishable by death. I then read three profiles from Good Masters! Sweet Ladies! by Laura Amy Schlitz. This book introduces people who might be found in a Medieval Village. It is written keeping the time period in mind, and written well. The first section in the book was about the Lord's Nephew making his first boar kill. Chip looked at me and asked, "What the heck kind of poem book is this?" I laughed and continued reading.

The picklets continued with their workbooks. I threw in some extra reading for the boys including civics, fictional historic novels and living science books. (more detail coming in a different post) I added Home Geography for Sweet and started to read The Play Grammar with her. She has started her own "Play Grammar" book in which she is marking verbs and nouns. It is a fun activity.

During lunch we watched a couple of videos. The first was Time Warp Trio: The Caveman Catastrophe. (Chip is reading a book about cavemen). We also watched Great Composers and Their Music: Second Edition: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Sweet has a science project she started today.For a week, she needs to see how many times she can jump rope in a row without tripping. She will keep track of it and then average it out at the end of the 7 days. Her brothers decided to get in on the project also.They don't want to be left out of something fun ya know. Chip had 15, Dill had 17 and Sweet had 25.
Chip tested how bugs eyes work and decided the vision we have is much better than having eyes on the side of your head.
During supper we watched a couple of other "caveman" videos but they were not up to the maturity level we need. Just something to pass the time when I really should have been reading...bad mama.

And speaking of cavemen, we had a visit from the Dark Knight himself. :)
I had grand plans for doing a fun science project and practicing Spanish after supper. But, Cool came home early and took my van apart.Notice the jack holding the gas tank up. He did get it all put back together but I was scared, real scared. I will fit the things we didn't do into the schedule today.

The end of the "school day" consisted of filling out their "What I learned" strips.

Chip learned: George Washington was born on the Mount Vernon property, though it wasn't called that. When George was 12 his father died and when he was 14 he went to live with his brother and wanted to be a sailor.
Dill learned: The diameter of a shape is the size of the lines surrounding it.
Sweet learned: 99+82= 181--You take away 1 from 82, add it on to the 99 so it makes 100, then take 81 and add it to the 100 and "voila" you get 181.

Happy Trails~~

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