Wednesday, August 27, 2008

August 26, 2008

This morning started chilly. I didn't want to get out of bed because my bed was warm. But, I got up, got Cool's coffee and lunch and hit the shower. One problem...NO HOT WATER! Nothing like a cold shower on a chilly morning to wake ya up!

Sweet got up and made a coffee cake for breakfast. I am just amazed at her cooking skills. Give her a recipe and let her go.
While we ate the wonderful coffee cake and drank a glass of milk I continued reading Good Masters! Sweet Ladies! by Laura Amy Schlitz. We are all engaged but medieval study is relatively new to us so we are finding this book different to say the least.
After breakfast and morning chores the picklets went about their individual studies. Anticipation of the weekend camping trip is running high in the minds of the picklets thus making concentrating difficult.

The jump rope science experiment continues. Dill and Sweet found a new way of jumping rope that makes it much easier to hit the high numbers. Chip made some lemonade for lunch today. I swear we wouldn't eat or drink as well if the picklets weren't so amazing in the kitchen.During lunch we continued our video studies. Dill has read about The Netherlands so we watched We Are From…: The Netherlands. We also watched Grammar Time: The Verbs as all the kids are reviewing/studying them.

Each of the picklets took an assessment test for math today helping me place them for studies this year. I am planning on using Mind Sprinting and supplementing when needed.

For group science the picklets experimented eating like a bird.

Our bird beaks: scissors, toothpick, spoon, clothespin and chopsticks.

Our bird food: worms, snails, grubs and water bugsSometimes you eat......and sometimes you don't......and sometimes you turn into a chicken and peck chickens eat water bugs?It was a fun experiment that we all had fun participating in.

The last order of business was filling in the "What we learned" strip for the day.

Dill learned how to fill out an application for work.

Sweet learned that by eating B vitamins, the skin around her eyes are soft.

Chip learned George Washington once fought the French for the English army. The ironic thing is the French helped America win the Revolutionary war many years later.

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Frankie said...

What a lovely day!!!

Anonymous said...

What a great day! And WTG, Sweet, on the baking! We did a bird activity similar to that once with a co-op. Only a few kids chose to participate, but it was fun.