Tuesday, September 23, 2008

First Day of Autumn

We took advantage of the great weather and celebrated the first day of fall by having a late breakfast on the patio. We had cinnamon toast, milk and fresh picked Iowa plums.At 10:44, the official start of fall, we had a "Happy Fall" toast.After eating we went over similies and each wrote an Autumn similie poem. I used this lesson plan as my guide.The picklets then gathered leaves to make a border on our papers. Using tempera paints, the kids learned which leaves print well and which leaves don't. They wrote their poems on their decorated paper.
We finally made it back in the house a little after noon. The morning was filled with Mother Natures songs, a nice breeze, blue skies and family. It was definately a great way to bring in the fall cheer and get ourselves in the Autumn festival mood.

© 2008 Wicked Pickles-Homefront Lines

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Summer Fae said...

That looks like fun! You do the coolest things.