Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Labor Day Weekend Day 3

On Saturday my mom and I went and had our annual birthday pedicures and orange chicken lunch at the mall. We love our girls day of pampering, good food and window shopping. These are my toes. Mom didn't want hers taken because she didn't like the design that was put on them.When we got back, my dad had my mom crawl under the RV and spray paint. She was thrilled.Chip sawed wood up while Dill sat on the log, reading a book.Saturday night found us having our annual birthday party complete with store bought cake and homemade ice cream. Oh I love homemade ice cream.Dill recieved this great shirt. Quoting Cool..."And to think she (the kids favorite aunt) used to be holy"Mom and Dad looking over mom's presents.I received homemade cards from the kids, a Scotch Bright stove top cleaner, a cleaver (which I ultimately cut my finger on), dish towels and a mouse pad.

It was a great day!

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Happy Trails~~~

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