Sunday, October 12, 2008

Think! Week 6

Man, I meant to have this up on Friday but my apple activities got out of hand. (More on that later though)

This week's Think! project was to build a bridge that could hold as much change as possible. We used our vacation fund. It included all coins including golden dollars.Materials included cups, tape, paper, spoons and spaghetti. Here is what the picklets came up with.
Chip was not into the project as much as the previous weeks. But, as always, he came up with a different way of doing First his 15" of tape was 15" of Duct Tape! His paper was card stock. His "bridge" of paper was taped to the cups that hung over the backs of two chairs. Thus, a real bridge.In theory it was a great idea. In reality our kitten liked his bridge so much that she wouldn't leave it alone. Chip thought he should get handicap because of the kitten hazard. He ended up with 245 coins all together with a grand total of $6.75.
Dill went a safer way by staying on the table. He taped the spoons to the card stock and then to the cup using scotch tape. He put the spaghetti on the paper and started stacking.He ended up with 370 coins all together though he didn't keep track of the type of coins he used so he couldn't give me a grand total.Sweet also used card stock and split her tape by using 7.5" of scotch tape and 7.5" of duct tape. She taped her paper on the cups and put the spaghetti on top of the paper. She then used the duct tape to make supports in the middle of the paper with the spoons. She folded her paper in half to make it stronger. She only counted up to 125 coins when she went to let the dogs out to go potty. When she got back she found her brothers had cleaned up the table and put all her stuff away. Sweet believes it was a conspiracy to prevent her from winning. Yet, another week of great Think!ing outside the box! Can't wait till next week!
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