Sunday, February 8, 2009

Barnes and Noble

I went on a shameless spending spree this weekend at Barnes and Noble. I have no excuse and no will power. I am shameless.

I went into B&N to buy a dictionary. Uno, eins, odin, jeden, un, moja, unus, yi, ek, ichi, wahid, one single, solitary dictionary. I should have been in and out in 5 minutes. Instead, I bought myself a venti strawberry and creme frappuccino with whipped creme and went on a shameless spending spree, which started with the frappuccino!

I am happy to report that I only bought educational items. The first being The Tao of Tangram. It is a wooden set of tangrams in a wooden box with a "deluxe" book. It was in the bargain books priced at a reasonable $11.95. Now to tell you the truth, if we hadn't been studying China and hadn't gotten so fed up with paper tangrams I wouldn't have purchased these. But, I did so we will use them.

The second item bought was Bananagrams. We are working hard on spelling correctly and everyone is tired of Scrabble. The lady at B&N highly recommended this so, being the weakling that I am, I purchased it. We will see how it turns out.

The third item bought was River Crossing The Perilous Plank Puzzle. To be completely honest with you part of this purchase was based on the words "perilous plank puzzle". We have been reading A Series of Unfortunate Events aloud and seeing the word "perilous" called to me. Not to mention, the game just looked like fun. Basically the player needs to get the hiker across the river by moving planks between the tree stumps to make safe passage. Sweet saw this last night and played it for 3 hours. She loves it! Dill also likes it. It really makes one use their brain. And the best part? It came with a drawstring bag to hold all the pieces. Love it!

So, for $50 I walked out with three educational games, 770 calories and 19 grams of fat. The kicker? I had to return to buy the $7 dictionary cause I forgot it.

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The Giggles Family said...


I have sooo done that before..... glad to kno I am not the only one who goes completely gaga in a bookstore. I wish my bill would be under $50 LOL.
Seems like you got some great deals ( even after going back and spending the $7.... did you get another frappuccino? I would have LOL)

Think! said...

I could spend weeks in Barnes and Noble if my pocket book would allow me!

Alicia said...

Oh B&N is a dangerous place for us! I wish they'd let us use the HS discount card on games and other educational nifties. That would take the sting out a little bit. :)

I've given you the "hooked on your blog" award, BTW. It's here....

Danielle said...

I had every intention of going there this weekend and didn't get a chance. (Same thing, need a dictionary)I always go expecting to spend about $50.00. That way I am proud of my self if I come in under that and not too mad at myself if I go over a

Mama Cleaver said...

Yeah...been there, done that...too often for Hubby's tastes. But then, his reading consists of the weekly Canadian Tire flyer...and his actions in the said store are much the same as mine in any book store...only he doesn't buy himself a coffee.