Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Community Service

The picklets have been helping get the new Sokol building ready to move the apparatus into. Since it was an old hydraulics business it is greasy, grimy and dirrrrrty. Each day that I have been building supervisor the foreman has always found something for the picklets to do.

In the beginning it was fun. Something different and it got them out of doing their school work. Now it isn't so fun, they are tired of it and are begging to do school work. I am torn. On the one hand I agree that the school work is important. They definitely need the "reading, riting and rithmatic". On the other hand learning hard work, learning to work with a crew, learning to respect authority, helping when needed and volunteering is also important to learn.

Today the picklets had jobs ready for them when we walked into the building. Not hard jobs but jobs that would keep them busy. Dill kept coming out and asking me for a break. Chip kept coming out and saying he wanted to go home, now. Sweet, though she didn't work 100% of the time, stayed in the gym most of the time and talked to the other workers. I did give them breaks to go out and play soccer, to have a snack and to draw.

I have to say that overall I am very pleased with their attitude on helping with the new gym. I know I can count that towards my evidences of learning and that they are learning a great lesson but today I was quite disappointed and a little embarrassed that they could whine so much in front of strangers. I wonder what Thursday will bring?

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Anonymous said...

All in all, it sounds like a terrific experience. :-)

Danielle said...

So they whined for a day, maybe you should look at the otherside. How many days did they go and work with out whining? You should be proud. The kids are proud of the building (I heard lots from Sweet this weekend) and they really do want to help.