Thursday, February 12, 2009

Week in Review Feb 8-Feb 14


  • Picklets had Ensemble practice
  • Worked at the new Sokol building
  • Got home at 8:00


  • We were building supervisors
  • Played Rush Hour
  • Played Dangerous Book for Boys game
  • cleaned cracks on floor in building
  • listened to Series of Unfortunate Evens book 11
  • had supper at mom and dads's for Cools birthday, Gaga was there
  • Got home at 9:00
  • Listened to Short History of US


  • Cool's birthday! Happy birthday honey! I love you!
  • Grandpa got home from hospital in hospice care
  • Picklets and I went to pick up vault table
  • Went to the top of tower.
  • Went to Boone County History Center.
  • Got "milk in a bag"
  • Picklets went to Grandma and Grandpa's
  • Cool and I had BOI meeting
  • Got home at 9:30
  • Listened to Short History of US


  • Meeting with supervising teacher
  • piano
  • gymnastics
  • supper at grandma's house
  • Dill read 4 books
  • Sweet finished 1 book, started another
  • Chip finished Homesick
  • listened to Short History of the US

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