Thursday, February 12, 2009

What We Did Wednesday

This week is spiraling. We have been away from home everyday since last Saturday. We have been busy. We have been happy. We have been having fun. But my head is spinning. I am just not used to be gone all week. I am not organized enough to be gone all week. I could never work away from the house AND raise a family AND keep a house up. I am convinced of that.

Yesterday we had a meeting with our supervising teacher. This years theme is weather and each month she has been going over various weather facts, weather safety and just plain fun things to do. This week she talked about clouds. She and the kids took turns reading a book aloud about clouds. She sent home cloud facts and instructions on making a cloud at home. Then she read Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. It was the funniest book! I laughed and laughed. I think I want to live in the town of To make it a bit more fun she was going to serve meatballs to the kids. But since we needed to be in town I told her I would just bring lunch for me and the picklets. I brought meatballs subs. After we ate lunch we watched a comedian DVD she had. The kids and I laughed and enjoyed a relaxed time until we had to leave for piano.

I hate taking the kids to piano when they haven't had a chance to practice during the week. It seems like a waste of time for all of us. Our piano teacher does a wonderful job of giving the lesson though.

After piano we went to the new Sokol building to see the progress of the cleaning crew. We are hoping to be in the building on March 1st.

We then headed to gymnastics. The kids had an hour and a half of working out, preparing for the slet coming up in April. Sweet stayed with her friend petite for open gym afterward.

We ate supper at my MIL's house. Spaghetti. Third time this week. I guess cloudy with a chance of meatballs reigns true in our lives this

During our van rides we listened to A Short History of the United States. It is rather short but Chip and Dill are enjoying it and are telling facts to Cool that they are learning. Dill also read 4 books. He is reading The Series of Unfortunate Events series again while waiting for me to finish book 11. Chip finished reading Homesick by Jean Franz and Sweet finished Series of Unfortunate Events book 1 and started on book 2. I guess we can say the picklets had the following classes:
  • science
  • history
  • literature
  • physical education
  • social skills (not really a "course" but definitely part of life!)
We finally got home about ten, went to bed and are presently preparing to head to town. The new building needs a supervisor and since Cool is in charge of the crew, guess who gets to be the supervisor while he works his "real" job? We have been busy this week but I am so happy I have the freedom to rearrange my schedule to get things done.

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