Friday, March 20, 2009

Hockey Night

The first hockey game I ever went to was with Andrew. He lived in St. Louis and I visited him while I was there on business. He was a big Blue's fan. We couldn't score tickets to the Blues so we went to a fellow co-worker's hockey game. I wanted to see a fight but there wasn't one.

The second hockey game I went to was when Chip was in Cub Scouts. As one of their badges the kids needed to learn about a sport and go see a professional game. Hockey was the answer. There was fighting, swearing, yelling and it was definately NOT the place for a first grader to be. Cool and I walked out with Chip in tow. The other parents sat watching the game practically ignoring their kids while they ran up and down the row and couldn't understand why we were leaving. We quit Cub Scouts after that year.

The third game I went to see was last Saturday. Cool got tickets to a Rough Rider's game in the suite from work. I love when he gets tickets. The suite is always stocked with pop, beer, water, and all kinds of snacks. We have never left hungry from any sporting event we have gone to as a result of getting tickets from work.

So, we dropped the picklets off at my mom and dad's house and Cool and I went on a date. A date to a loud, loud place.

The Roughrider's were in the grey jerseys.
That puck flies, glides, slides, whatever, real fast. I was amazed that the players could actually stop it and pass it to another player. They made it look very easy.
The Chick-fil-A cow gave away gift certificates for doing the chicken dance.
I did get to see a fight.
The Roughrider kicked some butt.
Ricochet came up into the suite to see us. He even posed. :-)
I don't know the final score cause we left early. On our way out a security guard was walking up to us. I smiled at him but he didn't smile back. Then he said, "Mr. Wilcox, an officer wants to talk to you." Cool and I looked at each other and looked back at him. Mr. Wilcox was in back of us. Drunk as a skunk replying with, "What did I do? I didn't do anything." Mr. Wilcox and the security guard met the officer on the step and was patted down as we walked out of the building. I still wonder what he did.

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