Friday, June 12, 2009

Garden and Cleaning and Weekend Plans

We finally got the garden planted today. 16 tomato plants, 4 pepper plants, 5 cabbages, 1 watermelon and 1 cantelope. I still need to plant zucchini and cucumbers and that will be all, I think. I would really like to plant 1 jalepeno plant but I am not sure if I will.

The dill has completely taken over the little garden. Chip doesn't want any to go to waste so when we were cleaning it out he kept planting it in pots. He also planted the parsley we found. He is hoping to have an indoor herb garden come fall. We will have to come up with something for him to keep the pots in.

Tonight I went upstairs in "cleanie meanie" mode and made the boys clean their room. They were NOT happy with me. All the time I gave them to read before bed got eaten up cleaning and putting their clothes away. Dill's clothes were stacked on his dresser and were taller than me. That boy I tell you will do anything to get out of doing something. If you have one like him you know exactly what I am talking about.

We have a busy weekend in store. I have to work and the kids have gymnastics tomorrow plus music practice on Sunday. That eats up our weekend being in town. I need to go to the grocery store tomorrow and then hope to stay home and have some mommy time on Sunday while Cool takes the picklets to music. I am seriously considering NOT going to gymnastics next term. I am tired of never being home. I do not make a good out of the home mom. My house is falling apart, my temperament is not where I want it to be and our meals three days a week have been consisting of microwave mac and cheese, TV dinners and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. That doesn't include the in between meal snacks of Starburst, Twizzlers and Sea Salt and Vinegar chips. Nutritious, eh?

Well, it is almost 11:00, I have eaten all the cherries I bought for Dill and drank two bottles of water. Guess that is my cue to hit the hay. Have a good night!

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