Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday's To Do's

We are going to be gone from home Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week so I made myself a to-do list for today in hopes that the house will NOT be overwhelming on Friday.
  • clip coupons
  • print coupons
  • make shopping list
  • go to dump (Cool took the key to the truck so this will have to wait until Friday)
  • cover back end of truck with plastic
  • weed garden
  • do washing
  • dust and vacume living room
  • make Korean food with Sweet
  • clean off porch
  • print schedules
  • organize coupons
  • dishes
  • vacume kitchen and laundry room
  • garbage and recycling out
  • gather library books and movies
  • watch Netflix and get ready to send back
  • send for free movie and shopping bag
  • call mom about coupons
  • wish mom and dad a happy anniversary
  • find three crockpot recipes for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
  • wipe down bathroom

The kids to-do list includes:

  • summer science club
  • clean rooms
  • make beds
  • read
  • put clothes away

Hopefully that is all. Finshed items will be in red.

Not as proficient today as I had hoped but that is ok.

1 comment:

Cheryl said...

Great idea! Looks like you're making headway. Thanks for stopping by my blog and the cream of wheat suggestion. I will try that once the rain stops! :)