Wednesday, June 17, 2009

17 June

There really is not alot going on today. At least not alot that is worth reporting

I took a load of junk to the dump today. Since it rained all day yesterday and part of the day before it was a muddy mess. I was hoping, wishing and sending good vibes that the truck wouldn't get stuck on my departure. Luckily it didn't. I went in to pay for my load and to my surprise found that everything I brought in was FREE. That made me very happy.

When I got home I made homemade donuts for the picklets to eat while they watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. This time, instead of dipping them in butter and then sugar, Chip made a chocolate glaze recipe. It made them taste wonderful!

I made some stuffed peppers and put them in the crockpot for supper. I had a few extra so I took them to my mom and dad to have for supper. Luckily they can be microwaved so they don't need to light their oven.

Sweet is over at mom and dad's right now as I sit at Sokol. We have classes starting in about 15 minutes and I have the front desk tonight. I need to stop at Target on my way home to exchange a bag of chips I bought there today. I opened them up and they were stale. Tis a bummer especially since I was looking forward to sea salt and vinegar chips. I am surprised I have any taste buds left after eating a bag of those every two weeks. :)

Cool has tomorrow, Friday, the weekend, Monday and Tuesday off from work! He has 7 weeks built up and he needs to use it or lose it. Tomorrow we have eye appointments for the entire family in the afternoon. Then we are staying home Friday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday to do some long overdue cleaning and organizing in the pickle barrel. I CAN NOT WAIT!

So, those are our weekend plans. The picklets have been heavily reading. Sweet has been earning prizes from the library including a free meal at Texas Roadhouse, her FAVORITE place in the world to eat. Chip has been keeping himself busy with his mowing jobs and Dill has been happy just hanging around. He has read 10 books since Friday plus has played, done gymnastics, rode his bike and surprised me with a chick-o-stick from the gas station.

Our summer is going to be great!

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