Friday, January 21, 2011

Drawing the United States

I started this post on July 15, 2009 at 10:23 AM. When I went back to post it, the links no longer worked and I couldn't find them on The Wayback Machine. Today as I was looking through blogpost drafts I ran across these links again. I tried them again on The Wayback Machine and they came up! Yay!

This site has two different areas. One is learning the presidents in order by looking at a picture and using clues. The picklets learned the presidents in order with The Presidents Song years ago and still remember it so that is of no use to us but might interest some of you. The other is drawing The United States. This rocks!

It gives easy to follow directions to drawing different regions of the US. It even has a little story to help remember. Unfortunately, it doesn't have the entire US...the Northeast is missing. BUT I have faith that we can make up something to remember them. Lord knows I need the help with those states!

The picklets only finished the first two regions and then we lost track of it. Guess what we are starting next week! I am so excited. I hope it is of some use to you cause it really is fun.

The original links are these. They don't work. :-( is the link for the archive.

I hope your kidlets like it as much as mine did.

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