Monday, July 13, 2009

Learning to Fly, part 1

Finally! An actual post with scholastic material! Yee-haw!

While on CurrClick the other day I found a mini unit/class Learning to Fly available for 75 cents. I just couldn't pass it up, so I bought it. Dill and Sweet worked on this last week.

This was very simple, cut and dry. The picklets knew alot of what was covered but they also learned a few things. For instance they learned what an aerodrome is and they learned how a monk is associated with flying. The actual work on the lapbook took 2 days.

Instead of making the normal lapbook we have started using card stock and our binding machine to make the books. This way we still have the mini books for the lapbook aspect but we can also bind in additional worksheets that are used in the unit. It works well for us.

On top of the mini books included in the lapbook, we found some images online that we used to enhance the book.
They learned about the first hot air balloon, the great aerodrome and Chanute.
They read about the English Monk who tried to fly but I think the favorite story among the picklets was the story of Icarus.
Of course, no flight study with be complete without a little Leonardo.
For the covers, the picklets followed this instructional on how to draw an airplane. They then used this technique to make them unique.

Dill's Cover
Sweet's Cover

Also included in the class and the funnest part was the experiment. The experiment was the RotoMotor. It is a helicopter like thing that you hold up and it flies down like a copter. Dill cut out and has been playing with it ever since. The picklets have tested it in different sizes, weights, heights, crumpled, uncrumpled and loves all of them.

This was a fun little class. Though it says it is geared toward 3rd through 5th graders I think it was a little easy for Sweet. She did learn a few things but most was a review. Since this was just a mini unit, I would really like to enroll in one of the regular classes and try those out. Maybe when they go on sale...

Tomorrow: part 2

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