Sunday, July 19, 2009

Like a Little Wilted Flower

I received a phone call from my dad today to tell me my gaga is in the hospital. He and I both talked to her last night and she said she was feeling better and she sounded way better. But I guess through the night she was not feeling better.

My aunt took her to the hospital today and the doctor thinks that gaga may have some food poisoning from corn on the cob. After eating it is when she started not feeling well. But they are doing blood tests to rule out other problems. She visited my grandpa's sister in the nursing home earlier this week and there is some bad desease you can get from nursing homes that I guess they want to rule out too.

Anyway, she is dehydrated and she has an IV in to rehyrate her. The doctor said to my gaga, "You're like a little wilted flower and we need to fill you up with water." I find that so cute. My gaga is very tiny and she keeps shrinking year by year. All the hospital emplyees keep telling my aunt how cute and tiny my gaga is.

So, after they "fill her up with water" they are going to release her unless something in the blood work tells them she should stay.


Joi said...

I hope that gaga is better really soon.

Laughing Stars said...

Thank God she's going to be O.K.

Danielle said...

I will add her to my prayers!