Monday, July 20, 2009

Wii Sports Night

The picklets and I decided to have a Wii Sports Night last night. Wii sports all night and a bowling buffet! Dill and Sweet designed a banner and put it on our art wall.
The bowling buffet included bbq chicken wings, deep fried pickles, nachos and bacon cheese fries. Chip casually asked if we were having anything healthy for this meal and when I answered pickles he quickly cleaned some strawberries and drizzled them with chocolate sauce. He also chopped up some carrots to have with ranch. Gotta love my health food nut!

We played Mario Carts to begin with. I absolutely hate the steering wheel. I play much better with the Wiimote and nun chuck. then we had a tennis tournament. I lost against the computer during the first round. I thought it was very unfair! The picklets then explained to me that the idea of a competition is to weed out the weakest. I told them I understood and let them carry on with their tournament. Dill ended up winning.

Of course we bowled. Dill vs Sweet, Chip vs me then Sweet vs Chip. Sweet won that challenge.

For dessert Sweet made us all funnel cakes. Oh man, do we love funnel cakes! I have had my limit of cholesterol for the whole week all in one night.
It was alot of fun to kick back and have a fun night. Too bad Cool had to work...but Sweet made hiim a funnel cake when he got home.

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The Giggles Family said...

yummy and fun! we did the same thing last night except we played Mario Party and had pizza, chips and Brownies... none too healthy here either LOL!

Laughing Stars said...

You can deep fry pickles? Seriously? How is it that a native Southerner such as myself didn't know that? :-P Looks like you had a blast! Love the snacks and the banner.

Gerky said...

Giggles I have never played Mario Party but I want to try playing it...I love Mario! Sounds like you had a fun night too

Steph...yes you can deep fry pickles and I have to say they are awesome. Dunk them in ranch. The recipe I gave is very easy even though I didn't have whole pickles or spears and had to use pickle chips. You should try them