Thursday, September 10, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

We had a terrific time camping. Mom, Sweet and I had our birthday trip to the mall for manis, pedis and orange chicken. We shopped till we dropped and shopped some more.

We had great food, great family time and got some much needed relaxation (and sleep).

I didn't take many pictures this year. Not sure why I didn't but here are the three (besides Sweet's fire) that I took.

This was our last night. Notice Gracie curled up by the fire like a good dog? Now notice Millie the Wonder Dog? She disappeared and when we got the flashlight to locate her we found her curled in the chair. Millie is very old, doesn't wander and can't hear. So it was concerning when she wasn't laying by Grace.
This was also Sunday night. The moon was pretty incredible. I thought my camera did a pretty good job photographing it.
Also Sunday night. Cool built up the fire and the flame was at least 6 feet high. Here is Cool next to the fire that Cool built.

Not much in the way of pictures but we have terrific memories.

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