Tuesday, November 17, 2009

the Art of Paper Throwing

Paper throwing is an art, not an exact science. That is what I have to tell my paper customers. I have gotten the questions, "Why is my paper right in front of my door one day and a foot away the next?" (eghads a whole foot?) or "How come my paper was right there when I opened the door yesterday and today it is on the other side of my door? You know I have to walk outside to get the paper if it isn't where the door opens?" (eek!)

Yes my peeps, I know that. But what I understand and you don't is that I deliver to 100 people by 6:00 am each and every day of my life. I get no days off unless I beg someone to take over the route for me and then pay them dearly. On top of the fatigue associated with this job there are variables that need to be considered.

  1. What size is the paper? Is it thin or thick?
  2. Is the paper is banded or bagged?
  3. Wind direction?
  4. Wind speed?
  5. Rain, ice, snow?
  6. Is my path clear?

These all need to be considered before asking (re: complaining) about why your paper isn't exactly in front of your door every single day.

Where the paper lands is not an exact science no matter how hard the "thrower" tries to get the paper exactly where the "throwee" wants it. Flicking my wrist the same every time does not ensure precise paper delivery. I am sorry.

And come on now...you can't walk out your door and pick up your newspaper?

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