Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday Shopping

Cool and my mom went black Friday shopping this morning. I have been in constant contact with Cool since 3:40, when I got up to deliver papers. Following are notes of the conversations as close as I can remember:

3:40--Toys-R-Us was a total bust and a complete waste of time. There were only two pegboard rows of the Backugon and they were completely gone. The DS games were picked over and nothing was worth getting. Plus, at 3:30 in the morning, there were over 50 people in line. On the way in to the store the following was heard from a lady on her cell phone, "I am just getting out of Toys-R-Us. I was here for over three *&#@%^ hours!"

4:20--Left Sears about 10 minutes ago and stopped to get some coffee. Got the battery and the SD cards and only had to stand in line to check out about 15 minutes. Got really lucky. You know how Sears check out are, sort of spread around the store? Well he was walking and found one that only had 8 people in it. Heading to Target.

4:45--And I quote: "There is NO WAY I am standing in this line to save the little bit I am going to save!! It is roped off and the line extends back to ??? Street. My time is worth much more than the little amount of money I might be able to save if I can get to what I want. Gonna head to Younkers."

5:16--Phone call from Beach Mom. She is standing in line, in city and state she lives in, at Target. The line goes all the way around the store. She has been shopping since 1:00 am!

5:25--Cool called and got the Apples to Apples game at Younkers and only paid $12.00. Walking to Menards where he got a great parking spot and walked over to Younkers. Parking lot of Menards is half full. Out of breath, had to go.

5:32--My mom called. She is at the checkout line in Wal-Mart and can't see the registers at all. She got the games, boots, towels and a couple of other things but couldn't get to the movies and other things she had on her list. Too many people in such a little space.

5:35--Called Cool and gave him an update on my mom. They are going to meet at Menards ASAP. Cool is sitting in his car. Tons of people standing around but he was cold and needed to warm up.

5:58--Cool has been trying to reach my mom but she isn't answering her cell phone. He is standing in line at the doors and they are about to open up.

6:09--Cool is standing in line at the register after getting everything on his list. Still can't get a hold of my mom to get her list and pick her stuff up. He did get her batteries and the notebook computer because he knew she wanted those. Gonna try her one more time.

(I tried calling my mom at this point but TNA)

6:13--I called Cool who said he talked to my mom and is getting her stuff. People are mad and cranky at this store. The sooner he can get out the better.

6:14--Received a text from Beach Mom. She is still standing in line at Target. I texted her back and asked how close she was to the register but haven't heard back.

6:38--Just talked to Cool. My mom is at Menards and has two more things to get. He is in line letting people go ahead of him waiting for her. Tag team shopping is working well this year.

6:39: Will update as the shopping progresses through out the morning.

Update #1:

6:42: Cool just saw some friends of the picklets who are in their folk dance group. They had a list of things to get but first needed to find a cart. Yikes! Cool indicated they must be rookies. They concurred.

Update #2:

7:01: Beach Mom texted that the was home. Texted back asking if she got everything she wanted.

7:02: Cool and mom are out of Menards and on their way to Wal-Greens. Decided they are going to try to go to Target after Wal-Greens and getting some breakfast.

7:08: Beach Mom got back to me saying she got almost everything she wanted. She is waiting for Fire Rat to get home so they can do some more shopping. Love it!

Update #3:

7:39: Cool and mom at Target. The $3.00 appliances she wanted for Gaga's Christmas present are completely gone. But the store said they went immediately so standing in line wouldn't have helped at all. He forgot about the Wii game the picklets wanted (Sonic and Mario at the Olympics) so is heading to electronics to see if they still have it. Luckily it wasn't on a very good sale so he may have a chance.

7:40: Text from Beach Mom. At Wal-Mart. Sent her a text back wishing her luck.

Update #4:

8:04: Cool and Mom stopped at a restaurant to eat breakfast. I think they are almost done.

8:05: Beet's mom called and said she sent her sister out shopping for her. Her sister started at midnight at the outlet mall and is still going strong.

Update #5

9:45: Mom and Cool have parted ways. Cool paid for breakfast, making sure to tell me he scored major points. (W.E!) Mom went home. Cool went to Theisens and didn't see anything he needed/wanted. He then went to Game Stop and bought Mario and Sonic at the Olympics (not winter) for the Wii. Only $29 so he got a deal. He was heading to Younkers again, stopping at the grocery store to get chili fixin's and then to my mom's to drop her stuff off. Then he will be on his way home.

I think this will be the last update. Haven't heard from Beach Mom or Beets Mom again. I think Cool had a good time out and feels good about his purchases. I rather like Black Friday Shopping like I did today. I delivered papers, watched 7th Heaven and didn't have to fight the crowds. All is good and peaceful, just the way I like it.

Ok, so I lied. Update #6

10:32--Cool just left Younkers. After three attemps of using the $10 off $10 purchase at Younkers, he finally was able to use it. He purchased a pair of delicate dream catcher earrings for Sweet. She will LOVE them! He said that using that coupon was extremely difficult because they had so many exceptions on it.

I lied again. Update #7

This comes straight from Beach Mom. "Update #7 Beach Mom is home. She got everything she needed then some. Beach Mom is now going to bed..Oh and its Papa Johns for dinner tonight." Sent via text at 12:51 pm

Ironically this is about the same time Cool got home thus the reason why I didn't hear my phone when the text signal beeped. It is now 2:50 and I am certain that I should not have anymore Black Friday updates.

Wishing you all happy shopping with a cha ching, cha ching, cha ching. Happy Black Friday!

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