Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy (Belated) Birthday Sweet

Sweet celebrated her birthday the beginning of the month. I am a bad mom and didn't blog about it on the day of. In fact it is almost a month later, 20 days to be exact, and I am just getting around to it. Bad mommy.

We had such a great time on her birthday. I decided I was going to give Sweet $35.00 and take her shopping, out for lunch and for a pedicure. We asked my mom if she wanted to go. She did so we set off at 9:30 in the morning for girls day.

A church bazaar was our first stop. Sweet ended up scoring 5 pairs of jeans for next to nothing. That was why I gave her the $$. She needed jeans and I thought she could get some...didn't realize it would be next to nothing.

Goodwill was our next stop. This is where I found out how Bohemie Sweet really is. It was quarter day. And if it didn't cost a quarter, she didn't buy it. Period. End of question. Nope! She walked out of the store with the largest bag they had, stuffed. Full. Wanna know how much she spent on the jeans, sweaters, purse, shirts and sweatshirts? $5.62. Yes, $5.62. Bargain shopper or cheap. You decide.

The next stop was Stuff. It is a consignment shop. We walked in, she looked at the prices and she was ready to leave. Not me nor my mom. We wanted to look around. We stayed for 20 minutes all the while listening to Sweet say, "Are you ready yet?" I scored a Jurassic Park Music book for Dill for $.10. Sweet deal!

Next stop was Sonic. Not that mom or I wanted Sonic. We wanted Chik-fil-A. But before leaving my dad put the Sonic bug in Sweets ear. In fact he gave her a coupon for a free shake with a purchase. So, that was where she wanted to go. Period. No discussions to be had. Want to know what Sweet ordered? Yup. Chicken.

Menards was our next stop. Sweet didn't want to go but I had a couple things to pick up and so did mom. She had to suffer through our trot through the hardware store.

Target was next. She didn't buy anything there either. Everything was more than a quarter so she passed.

After Target was The Dollar Tree. She bought herself a purple sweatshirt for $1.00. She was living high on the hog.

Then we went to the mall. That is where she wanted to go the whole day because she was saving her money to buy herself a new cell phone. She was about $20.00 short. I think she silently chastised herself for spending the money earlier in the day. She was bummed and just wanted to leave but mom and I wanted to go to the library. So, she sat in a chair in the library and thumped her fingers on the table waiting for us to leave. I kid you not.

We had to skip the pedicure because, when we were planning this, we forgot my mom was having surgery the next day. Sweet decided she wanted to wait until Grandma could have one too.

So, we headed back to my mom's house. I told Sweet we weren't staying because I had to get home and cook supper. But we spent quite some time there messing around. When we finally got ready to leave we took a different route home.

Surprise number one. We detoured right to Texas Roadhouse where we met her daddy. She was so excited. Texas Roadhouse is her favorite place in the world to eat.

Surprise number two. Grandma and grandpa showed up at the restaurant!

Surprise number three? Cool and I had already bought her the phone she wanted as her birthday gift. Sneaky aren't we?
Happy 11th Birthday my Sweet Pickle. I love you more than you will ever know.

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MamaTea said...

Just found your blog and am having a great time reading through it. This post was so sweet. What a creative mama you are!! Super cool surprises :)