Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Morning Randomness

It is about 8:45 Sunday morning. The picklets and I are just finishing up watching Hairspray. They really like the music and action. Of course Zac Efron being in it doesn't hurt. And I think it sends a good message. I love seeing John Travolta in the role he plays. The fact he can dance in those heals, padding and dress amazes My favorite line, that happens to be so very true unfortunately is:

"So this is love? Well love is a gift. A lot of people don't remember that. So
you two better brace yourselves for a whole lot of ugly coming at you from a
never ending parade of stupid." ~ Miss Maybelle~

Cool came home from the store yesterday with 2 turkeys and asked if we could have a turkey dinner today. I had to thaw the turkey overnight and have it in the oven by 7 this morning to ensure it would be done in time for us to eat before having to leave for music by 12:30. It smells absolutely terrific in here. I made mashed potatoes and put those in the crockpot and found a box of instant stuffing in the the pantry. We will also have some corn that I froze this summer. It will be a great meal and we will all be together. That is the best part!

Our week is gonna be a busy one again. The picklets have music practice today, Sweet has gymnastics on Monday and Wednesday, I have to work at Sokol on Wednesday and Thursday, the boys have gymnastics on Thursday (which we have to cancel), the picklets have a performance Thursday night with a potluck afterward, we have 4-H and another potluck on Saturday morning and Sweet has gymnastics Saturday afternoon. Of course there is the paper delivery, piano practice and life to fit in there too.

We have pretty much got school down to a bare minimum. They are all working on a lapbook and reviewing it, math (both real life and workbook), reading books of their choice from a carefully thought out list, journal writing, listening to books on tape and Sweet has decided she wants to keep working on science since she loves it so much. We have also had the learning that takes place when they don't think they are learning like watching documentaries, cooking, lawn work, chores, piano, helping Sokol prep for a garage sale and other things that I should have written down but failed to and now they are lost somewhere in my mind. We also met with our supervising teacher and the picklets helped write their goals for the year. Dill's short term goals are 1. start 4-H projects and 2. finish 4-H projects. LOL

I have a few picture posts I need to get up this week because they are a week (or two) late. One is a garbage find of Sweets. I still can't believe what she found. Check back this week to find out.

Individually the picklets have been thriving.

Chip finally got his own laptop. It cost him $150.00 but the internet didn't work on it. He took it to a repair store, had the drivers installed and for another $45.oo now has internet. He is psyched! He has been working on a novel to enter in the Book Art Bash. It is one that he started a while back and is excited to send it in. He has also been writing a song for the piano. Last Wednesday he played it for his piano teacher. She was pretty impressed. His artistic nature just astounds me.

Sweet has been writing a book and a song for the piano too. I keep telling Chip that imitation is the greatest form of flattery but he still insists that she is copying him. Her book is completely different and so is her song, so there! In addition she has been sewing American Girl clothes and has been working very hard on gymnastics. She is in level 6 this year and the tricks are a bit harder than last year.

Dill has been re-reading the Harry Potter series. Honestly, who can blame him? He has been making moccasins while not reading, playing, schooling or choring. I have never seen a youngling love moccasins so much. He is also making his list and checking to twice for Christmas. He is going to be very upset if he actually expects all that for Christmas.

So, this is just part of the randomness of thoughts going around in my head this morning. I s'pose I should get my groove on and fold that load of laundry that went into the dryer at 4 this morning.

The turkey still smells great. I just basted it and looks great too.

Happy Sunday all!

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