Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cool's Happy Birthday

We celebrated Cool's birthday not too long ago. The picklets always try to make the day special for him.

They started off with buying him a day old donut and serving it to him, complete with a votive candle, in bed. Nothing but second best for my family!

The picklets put their money together and bought a small scrapbook and some decorations. They worked together for a week making a keepsake for him.

These are my favorite pages. I guess they didn't like his beard. LOL Man were we young. I was pregnant with Chip in this first picture.
And boy howdy were we dorks. Would it surprise you if I said we have another picture just like this second picture only of Cool? Nothing like matching jean jackets to say bumpkin!

I love that they put their math skills to work for his present. It tickles the homeschooler in me and the accountant in Cool! 5+7-2/2=our family

We went to Lone Star for supper. He just loved being sung to. The hot fudge brownie thing was too bad either. <:o)

Happy "Birpday" my love. Your love means more and more each day.

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